A Message from Nelson Tavares

Having been employed at TFCU for nearly six years, and other Credit Unions for many more, I’ve recently been granted the great honor of being chosen by the board of directors as the incoming President/CEO of Taunton Federal Credit Union. TFCU’s history, culture, and mission have always been an integral part of this organization and I hope to serve by preserving and building upon these fundamentals.

Being a native of the South Coast, this opportunity means a great deal to me for several reasons. I believe the Credit Union movement is a valuable and worthwhile cause that benefits everyone, especially those living and working within our chartered region. Allowing our members access to first-class, affordable financial solutions provides an opportunity to improve life within our community. While doing so, TFCU is also committed to remaining a leading community partner by supporting other non-profit and essential social services that have similar missions and core values. The Credit Union also employs 50+ local people and has proven to offer a stable, challenging, and rewarding work environment laden with opportunity for all levels within. TFCU is dedicated to be a valuable resource for members, employees, small businesses, and community partners alike.

Through the hard work of our amazing staff and highly capable management team, John Damaso’s direction has financially positioned the Credit Union for stability, opportunity, and growth. I wish John the best in his retirement, his hard work and dedication will continue to be appreciated for years to come. I hope to continue the pattern of success my predecessors have laid out, and with the commitment my fellow TFCU family members have demonstrated in the past, I’m confident our future is bright.

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