Debit Cards

VISA® Debit Card
When you open a Checking Account, you’ll have the ability to apply for a VISA® Debit Card! This card will allow you access to your funds wherever you see the VISA® symbol. Simply present your card and the amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your TFCU checking account.

To activate your Debit Card and/or choose your Personal Identification Number (PIN), please call 1 (800) 757-9848

Get Cash Worldwide
At thousands of ATMs worldwide, you can also use your VISA® Check Card to make cash withdrawals from your TFCU checking account. Please contact us if you are traveling outside the Continental U.S. and plan to use your ATM or Debit Card.

Lost or stolen VISA® Check Cards should be reported to our Call Center Specialists at (508) 824-6466 or to the after hours hotline: 1(800) 847-2911.

SUM ATM Network
TFCU is proud to be a SUM Program Member. This allows any TFCU member with an ATM or Debit card to use a SUM designated ATM to make a withdrawal from their checking account surcharge-free! Click here to find a SUM ATM in your area!

Before You Travel
In an effort to protect your account from fraudulent transactions, TFCU has blocked all Debit Cards from processing foreign transactions. Please be aware that if you are attempting to make a purchase online, over the phone, or traveling abroad, you will need to contact us beforehand to have your Debit Card temporarily activated for foreign use.

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