SUM ATM Network

Debit cards are convenient and they give you the power to access cash almost anywhere, but ATM fees can add up fast

TFCU is proud to be a SUM® Program Member. This allows any TFCU member with a Debit card to use a SUM® designated ATM to make a withdrawal from their checking account surcharge-free!

Here are some frequently asked questions about the SUM® Program:

What is SUM?
SUM® is a convenient and easy way to avoid surcharge fees. TFCU Cardholders can withdraw funds from designated ATMs belonging to other SUM program members, without a surcharge fee. Just look for ATMs with the SUM logo. You can then be sure that you won’t incur a surcharge for accessing your cash.

Do I need a special SUM ATM card?
No. To make surcharge-free withdrawals at SUM ATMs, you simply need to have a TFCU Debit Card!

How do I find a SUM ATM?
There are two convenient ways to locate SUM ATMs. Visit to search your nearby address or ZIP code. If you have a smartphone (iPhone® or Android™), download the free SUM Mobile ATM locator from your app store. GPS functionality is included in the SUM mobile app. So, whether at home planning a trip or on the road with your smartphone, you can easily find the nearest SUM ATM.

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