Member Services

Travelers Cheques®
Travelers Cheques® are available in either single user cheques® or cheques® for two. A $1.00 fee is charged per one hundred dollars for single user Travelers Cheques®, $1.50 per one hundred for cheques® for two. Members who have a Thrifty Fifty Rewards Checking Account will receive free single user Travelers Cheques®.

American Express Gift Cards
American Express Gift Cards are available for a $4.95 fee. Available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, or $500.

Money Orders
Money Orders are available to our members only for a $2.00 fee.

Bank Checks
Bank Checks are available to our members only for a $3.75 fee. Bank Checks are offered Free to those members who have a T-50 Rewards Checking Account.

Savings Bonds
Savings Bonds are available for redemption at TFCU. To purchase a Savings Bond, please click here.

Notary Public
Notary Public Services are provided at no cost to Credit Union members, non-members are charged a $2.00 fee.

Signature Guarantees
Signature Guarantees are available to members only. They can be performed by select members of the Executive Management Team.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Boxes are available in numerous sizes:

  • 3×5: $35.00
  • 3×10: $60.00
  • 5×10: $85.00
  • 10×10: $120.00

All boxes are charged annually on the first day of the month that it was purchased. Please be aware that we do not insure the contents of the safe deposit boxes.

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