The Taunton Federal Credit Union routing number is 211386115.

Nothing! Your TFCU account number is your member number. Typically, this number is 6 digits. This is the number you will provide when you visit one of our branches or log into online banking.

Your account suffix is a 3 digit code that determines what kind of account you have, i.e. 140 = Rewards Checking, 000-Main Savings. You will need your 6 digit member number as well as the 3 digit suffix for direct deposit or electronic bill payments.

Yes, you can set up automatic transfers through online banking or by speaking with a representative.

If you discover what you believe to be a fraudulent transaction on any of your accounts, please call or visit one of our branches immediately to discuss your options with a representative.

To make a wire transfer, you need to come to Taunton Federal Credit Union with the account number and routing number of the other institution. Your signature on the form authorizes the wire transfer.

The ABA/Routing number to be used is 211391773. (This is EasCorp’s routing #. TFCU does not have a direct link with the Federal Reserve.)Next, Taunton Federal Credit Union must be listed as beneficiary and if possible, list our ABA/Routing number, which is 211386115.Finally, the member receiving the wire must be listed as the final beneficiary. Please include the following:

The member’s full name
Account number
Share type, such as 000, 120

Note: If any of this information is not included, then the wire will be returned to the originating institute and the member will not receive credit here at the Credit Union. Please make sure the originating institute understands this procedure.

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