TFCU Rewards Program

The TFCU Rewards Program allows you to earn rewards points simply by using our products and services. The more you take advantage of, the more points you’ll earn!

TFCU Rewards Points will be automatically calculated for you and will appear on your statement and online via It’s Me 24/7, our online banking system.

The following is a list of the number of TFCU Rewards Points you’ll receive for the products or services you take advantage of at TFCU:

Product/ServicePoint Values
New Member500
New Checking Account500
New Direct Deposit500
Members 50 and older100 per month
Club Accounts10 per month
Aggregate Share Balances

Up to $3k

$3,001 to $25k

$25,001 to $50k

$50,001 to $100k

$100,001 +

0 per month

5 per month

10 per month

15 per month

25 per month
Aggregate Consumer Loan Balance

Up to $5k

$5,001 to $10k

$10,001 to $25k

$25,001 to $100k

$100,001 +

5 per month

10 per month

15 per month

25 per month

50 per month
Online Banking15 per month
15 per month
Bill Pay15 per month
Text Banking15 per month
Telephone Banking2 per month
Direct Deposit20 per month
Debit Card10 per month
Membership Anniversary10 annually
Negative Savings Account-100 per month
Delinquent Loan
-300 per month


Account Credits

  • $25 – 2,500 Points
  • $50 – 5,000 Points
  • $75 – 7,500 Points
  • $100 – 10,000 Points

To start earning your TFCU Rewards Points, or to redeem your points, speak with a Member Service Representative by visiting one of our branches or call (508) 824-6466!

The TFCU Rewards Program offers new or existing members the opportunity to earn credits in the form of “Reward Points”. Points are earned when an account is opened or a service is used as per the published schedule and may be accumulated and redeemed for an account credit or fee credit. Business Accounts are not eligible. To participate in the TFCU Rewards Program you must agree to the program terms and conditions. Reward Points are redeemable only to the bearer. Deposits withdrawn and re-deposited within 30 days also do not qualify. Account must be open for 90 consecutive days to be eligible for points. Accounts that are not in good standing with TFCU are not eligible to redeem TFCU Reward points. Points are not redeemable for cash, and will be paid in the form of an account credit deposited directly into an account at TFCU. Points awarded on the 10th day of each month. Points credited to an account will expire two years after points have been earned. Point Values, account credits and fee credits offered may be changed and/or adjusted without prior notice. Program subject to change or termination at any time. Once opted in to redeem points for rewards that total more than $10.00 annually and points were earned by opening, maintaining, renewing or increasing the balance of a deposit account, TFCU will report this information to the Internal Revenue Service as a bonus. The annual percentage yield earned on a qualified deposit account under the TFCU Rewards Program will vary depending on the amount of the deposit and the number of points earned. For example, a twelve-month certificate that pays a dividend rate of 0.60% will earn an APY of 0.60%. The TFCU Rewards Program could award 2,500 points during the first year, that have a value, if redeemed, of $25.00 for an initial deposit of $40,000 in qualifying funds. In this example, the initial deposit of $40,000 would earn an APY of 0.65% if the points are redeemed.

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