The Credit Union

Credit unions are always striving to serve their members and community in as many ways as possible. We value each member’s input as an equal owner in the credit union, and offer flexible loan terms as well as low-cost accounts. We also reward our members with higher dividends, and proudly donate our time and our resources to the community.

Both credit unions and banks provide those they serve with a broad range of financial services and products. However, there are multiple distinctions between the two institutions. The primary credit union difference lies at its core: Banks are created to generate profit for their owners; credit unions are member owned and were created to provide members with a place to manage your finances with only your best interests in mind.

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At TFCU, we are committed to offering an extensive range of products and services designed specifically with you in mind! We want to make your banking experience as easy as possible by giving you convenient access to manage your accounts on the go, all while providing you with the latest and greatest banking technology.

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