How TFCU protects your information

To assist in protecting your identity, TFCU:

  • Subscribes to the services of a company named Perimeter who monitors the internet for fraudulent sites that masquerade as TFCU. TFCU quickly shuts down such websites to protect our members.
  • Offers Multifactor Authentication on our Online Banking system to protect your identity. This means that you will receive a code to your phone or e-mail address on file to prevent fraudulent login attempts. 
  • Blocks debit card transactions in foreign countries where fraudulent transactions are prevalent. Members can activate their cards by notifying the Credit Union before traveling or utilizing the TFCU Card Control App
  • Blocks debit card transactions when a high volume of fraudulent transactions appear from specific vendors such as CashApp
  • Provides secure disposal waste receptacles in the lobby for your use.
  • Always works one-on-one with our members to resolve any account issues


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