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Consider using mobile wallets for your in-store and online transactions! Enjoy a more convenient way of paying by simply tapping your smartphone or smartwatch on the terminal, and you’re good to go! This feature makes for a faster checkout experience while also protecting your financial information.

Easy Set Up

Setting up your device with Mobile wallets is fast and easy! Look for/download the mobile wallet app right from your device, this may be Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, etc. Simply follow the instructions once opening the app to manually enter your card information or take a picture of your Debit Card with your device’s camera.

Fraud Protection

Using a mobile wallet for online shopping instead of storing your card on various sites is much safer! When shopping online with stored debit card information, if that site has a data breach, there is the potential for your card information to be compromised. Mobile wallets save your card information to your device with advanced encryption and tokenization to ensure that your payment information remains secure.

Also, with tap to pay on your mobile device each transaction requires you to use your phone’s authentication method such as fingerprint and facial recognition to complete the purchase. This feature is designed so that your information is protected and can only be used by you.

TFCU Card Control App

Take advantage of TFCU’s Card Control app available on all devices. You can set up customized purchase controls to help you budget or manage your alert preferences to monitor your card usage. You can receive instant alerts after every mobile wallet transaction, track your purchase history and transaction details to ensure that you can recognize each and every use.

Just like how mobile wallets are safely secure on your phone, your transaction history is safely secure within the app. This way you don’t have to worry about losing your information if your card or paper statements get lost.

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