Consumer Lending

Whether you’re buying a new car, looking to consolidate debt or hit the seas with a new boat, a credit union loan is a step in the right direction. Wherever you’re headed, we can help you get there!

With our online lending approval, you have the ability to apply for a loan without leaving your home. Instant approval may be available!*

Apply Online or find your closest branch to apply today!

Here’s a look at our consumer loan products available to you: 

Get that new car you’ve always dreamed of! The quick approval process could have you on the road within 24 hours.*

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Need fast cash for an Emergency, the Holidays or even a Vacation? A Personal Loan is perfect for you!

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Get that Boat or Recreational Vehicle you’ve always wanted with financing for both new and used recreational vehicles and boats through TFCU!

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If your car is totaled, or stolen and not recovered, all too often the insurance payment is not enough to pay off your loan, leaving you with a balance still due. By having GAP, your insurance deductible is covered and that remaining balance will be paid off, making it easier for you to purchase a new vehicle.

GAP Plans available for an additional charge.

There are several different levels of protection to choose from. The cost of the warranty can be paid out of pocket or added to the loan balance. Available on New & Used vehicles.

Warranty Plans available for an additional charge.

If you are looking to make a loan payment at TFCU from an external account, or pay a non-TFCU loan with your TFCU account, you may use one of the following options: 

  • Set up an ACH origination with TFCU to make your payments at TFCU or another institution. 
  • Utilize our Bill Pay service to pay your bill at another institution

Making Loan Payments from another institution
To make a payment to your TFCU loan from another institution, click on the LOAN PAYMENTS button at the top of the page.

Use the e-mail address matches what is on file with TFCU to locate your account. You will then be able to make your payments with an external account or with a debit card.

*Online Payments are accepted through our third party provider ProPay. There is no charge to set up a one time or recurring Automatic Transfer.  If using a debit card for payment, a $4.95 fee will be charged in order to complete the transaction. Available only on TFCU Consumer Loans.

*Not all applicants will qualify for instant approval. Applicants will be notified the next business day if they do not receive instant approval. Subject to review of additional documentation.

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